A place of towns and nature, bridging Northern and Southern Europe

At the foot of the Gotthard pass, the Canton’s urban centres lie among pleasant valleys and the waters of Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano. The location of Ticino, the only Swiss canton entirely south of the Alps, has made it a natural hub connecting Northern and Southern Europe, as well as providing the gateway to Lombardy with which it shares not only a language and culture, but also close economic ties.




The Environmental Performance Index found that Switzerland, and with it Ticino, has the best water and air quality in the world , and also recognised the close attention paid to environmental issues. Thanks to the inviting climate and landscape, an open air lifestyle can be enjoyed at any time: in the Canton’s safe, welcoming, livable cities or by discovering all the activities available in the Canton in every season of the year.

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The multiculturalism that can be found in our centres while still maintaining a limited size is surprising. Just consider that nearly 40% of the inhabitants of Lugano are foreign nationals from more than 100 countries, and that multilingualism is shared by the inhabitants of the entire Canton. Moreover, the presence of international schools contributes to the Canton’s strong international focus.

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A full administrative connection with Europe supports fluid exchanges and relationships. Switzerland has always had close connections with the EU and has therefore minimised the administrative process for European citizens who want to move to Switzerland. Being in Ticino means being in the heart of the old continent yet within quick and easy reach of the main European capitals.

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The sunny Mediterranean climate heralds Ticino’s proximity to Italy and its way of life, while neighbourly cordiality characterises Switzerland’s most southerly canton. How can you describe Italian flavour? You just have to live it and be beguiled by it!


Switzerland, including Ticino, has been at the top of the international rankings when it comes to quality of life for several years, with the Canton of Ticino fully reflecting the focus on excellence and efficiency in the services offered to individuals and families. This is further highlighted by the fact that a recent study found Switzerland is the best place to be born. The country has a reliable, punctual public transport network and one of the best health care systems in the world. Swiss schooling is also a guarantee of excellence, offering a world-renowned level of education, both public and private. Last but not least, Ticino offers the fundamental security needed to live peacefully in a tranquil, stable social context with a low crime rate, making it a welcoming, safe environment.